Discover Colombia, Take a Piece with You

Welcome to MaittaaYour gateway to the wonders of Colombia. At MaittaaWe are proud to offer authentic travel experiences in this beautiful country, where every corner tells a unique and exciting story.

Our approach goes beyond the conventional. We not only want to take you to the most popular tourist destinations, but also to immerse you in the true essence of Colombia: its people, its culture and its traditions.

In addition to providing unforgettable experiences, Maittaa is also a destination for those looking to take a little piece of Colombia with them. Our handicrafts store offers a wide selection of authentic products from various Colombian ethnic groups, each telling its own story and reflecting the cultural richness of our country.

Join us on this journey of discovery and adventure. At MaittaaWe guarantee an experience you will never forget.

Discover Colombia, take a little piece with you with Maittaa!

Maittaa: Connecting Hearts with the Essence of Colombia

At MaittaaWe transcend the simple organization of trips to connect our clients with the authenticity and essence of Colombia, offering selected handicrafts from diverse ethnic groups that are not only a souvenir, but a story of tradition, resilience and beauty.

Our mission is to enrich the spirit of travelers while supporting the sustainable development of local communities, encouraging the preservation of their traditions and their economic progress.

We aspire to be leaders in responsible and sustainable tourism, recognized both nationally and internationally for our commitment to Colombian authenticity and the preservation of its artisan traditions.

When choosing MaittaaBy offering our clients not only an opportunity to explore Colombia's immense beauty and diversity, but also to contribute to the well-being of its artisans and the sustainable future of the country, inviting them to live unique experiences that celebrate culture, discover beauty and foster a brighter future.

Travel through Colombia

Immerse yourself in the rich Colombian culture with our cultural tours, which include visits to historical sites, museums, festivals, and traditional events.

7 Days in La Guajira

Cabo de la vela

Pasadia Camarones

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