Riohacha - Punta Gallina - Cabo de la Vela

Day 1: Riohacha

City tours around the city of Riohacha, you will visit the following places: Padilla Park, Aurora Theater, Statue of José Prudencio Padilla, Cathedral Nuestra Señora de los Remedios, Municipal Palace, historical streets and their real names, Callejón de las brisas, Interactive Gas Museum, Students Avenue, Kasha or drum monument, Almirante Padilla International Airport, El Progreso Avenue, Cardón Guajiro, monument of Francisco the man, Wareket or weaver spider, monument of the embarradores, valley of the crabs, bridge the riito, I love Riohacha, monument of the palabrero, Avenue 14 of May, Yellow Butterflies, Park of the canyons, Statue of Nicolás de Federmann, Chapel of the Capuchins, monument of the identity and tourist wharf.

We then had dinner and headed to our hotel to rest and get ready to continue our journey.

Day 2: Cape sail

After breakfast, we leave for Manaure where we will learn a little about the process of salt exploitation. Sodium Chloride, the largest in Colombia, which occurs in this sector of the Guajira.

This mineral is white gold for its inhabitants because for decades it has been the backbone of the economy of this municipality.

We continue our journey to Uribia, Indigenous Capital of Colombia where you can make some purchases for your trip, then we continue directly to the beaches of Pusheo, where we will have lunch and rest a little, to go to the imposing and beautiful, Taroa Dunes, in this charming place you can enjoy a magical landscape that surrounds you and calls you to go into them, to make your photo shoot, videos and others.

Then we will go to the Kazaren viewpoint, where we can also take many pictures of the enchanting landscapes that nature offers us.

Then we will visit the renowned tourist site called El Faro, known as the northernmost point of South America, where we can enjoy a beautiful Guajiro sunset (we will observe how the sun sets in the Guajira desert).

At the end of this visit we head to the lodge in Punta Gallinas, to settle in, have dinner and spend the night.

Day 3: Breakfast at Punta Gallina and prepare for departure to Cabo de la Vela.

Arriving at Cabo de la Vela we had lunch, we rested a little to make a tour of the area to know and observe some representative tourist sites that presents the Cabo de la Vela, for example:

    • The sugar pylon
    • The eye of water
    • Watching the sunset at the lighthouse

Then we return to have dinner at Cabo de la Vela and spend the night there.

Day 4: Breakfast at Cabo de la vela and prepare to return to Riohacha.

In the middle of the road we have lunch and rest for a while to finally arrive in Riohacha and finish our journey.

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